Mubende court has this morning nullified the election of Joyce Bagala Ntwantwa as the Women’s Representative for Mityana District after Judge Baguma Emmanuel ordering for fresh elections.

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This follows a petition by NRM’s Judith Nabakooba, the Minister of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, who came second in the election where she challenged Bagala’s victory over voter bribery and other election malpractices.

Bagala had been declared winner in the January 14th defeating her runner up Nabakooba with a margin of 16,000 votes .

However in March, Nabakooba petitioned court challenging the outcome of the polls, alleging that Bagala was not validly elected to represent Mityana district in Parliament, on grounds that the Electoral Commission failed to secure conditions necessary for the conduct of the election.

Nabakooba, the candidate for the ruling NRM alleged that while registered voters were threatened, and her agents intimidated, EC presiding officers connived with Bagala and her agents to procure voting by unregistered persons, facilitate impersonation of voters and multiple voting.

Nabakooba also added that at the time of vote counting, her valid votes were counted among the invalid votes.

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