The deteriorating health condition of the Kawempe North law maker Muhammad Ssegirinya has worried government officials. According to credible sources at Mulago National referral hospital where the NUP strongman is bedridden, there is nothing like a relative or party member authorized to the ward where he is confined.

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A medical officer who spoke on anonymity in fear of reprisals says that since the MP was admitted to hospital on Sunday October 31, his health has tremendously deteriorated.

“The wounds under his feet are rotting and festering. They ooze too much pass,” he said. “If it weren’t for his political state, it would have been right to have him flown to Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi where he can be handled,” he added.

Even on his sickbed, Ssegirinya is being handcuffed despite his poor health. Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine says the law maker is a prisoner and therefore he cannot be granted any extra privileges even when he is bedridden. “Our prison act mandates us to handcuff an inmate on a capital offence like murder which the MP is facing,” remarked Baine when contacted by media. “He is not any special. In prison, we have no ranks. We treat everyone equally,” he added.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for Ssegirinya Erias Lukwago has expressed his discontent with how his client’s rights to decent medical examination is being undermined deliberately by the government. Lukwago says Ssegirinya’s relatives are being bounced from reaching him on his sick bed.

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