Uganda Police Force have deployed plain clothed paramilitary operatives to frustrate the National Unity Platform party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine from traversing Mbale City.

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One of the goons has been filmed recklessly wielding a rifle and charging at Bobi Wine who is in the Eastern part of the country.

By press time, reinforcement from Kampala and Jinja had been dispatched to Mbale to ensure that Bobi Wine and his entourage are forced out of Mbale city.

The stick wielding goon filmed charging at Bobi Wine’s convoy as it exited Mbale City

Police trucks too were filmed escorting NUP leader, Robert Kyagalanyi aka Bobi Wine out of Mbale City after he was blocked from appearing on Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) radio station on November 12, 2021. The radio’s programmes manager, Mr Richard Werishe said they got directives from Mbale resident city commissioner, Mr Ahamada Washaki not to host the former presidential candidate.

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