Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has waged war on the Institution of Buganda Kingdom this time ordering his NRM CEC members to fight Buganda Land Board which he termed as illegal and un acceptable.

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The President’s statement is in line with the views of junior Lands minister Sam Mayanja of October 7, claiming that the land board is illegal.

Mr Museveni has always pushed for reforming land laws in the kingdom, a move that has met resistance from both the Mengo establishment and the Kabaka’s subjects.

In a letter to all CEC members dated November 8 , Museveni tasked them to “identify the legitimate interests of the different groups of people,” which he says is the crux of mobilisation.

“Resist land evictions for Bibanja owners and work for the emancipation of the Bibanja owners and compensation of the exploitative Mailo owner. Resist all schemes of okutemako (cut pieces from) of the Bibanja owners’ land or kyaapa mungalo (“leases” given by the illegal Buganda Land Board),” he writess

Mr Museveni says leases were for the educated sometimes foreign, commercial producers using land, and cannot be for the Ugandans who have their homes (obutuuro) and graves of their ancestors on those lands.

“That is why customary or freehold may be the only correct models for Ugandans. However, that ownership should be tied, in my opinion, with the obligations to use land as agreed with the state (farming etc).

Otherwise, he says, the hoarders of land should be penalised, somehow. If this is not done, the President adds, the people of Uganda will starve or be forced to kusaka (buying from others), while hoarders are sitting on the land of the country.

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