Four time presidential contender Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye is set to abandon his newly launched platform dubbed the People’s Front for Transition. The motive behind this according to credible sources is that the former opposition kingpin is disappointed with the youths who have persistently shunned his Red Card campaign.

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Dr. Besigye launched his front in October with an intent of initiating the national transition debate on what fate befalls the country in case Museveni is prematurely ousted. Dr. Besigye convened a league of veteran politicians and NUP rejects like Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku of Rubaga South, Sulaiman Kidandala of Kawempe North among others. Besigye thought he would bank on the prowess of aggrieved NUP rejects to drum up support for his Red Card movement though all this hit a snug.

Sources say Besigye is now considering withering off the political scene to retire into a spectator and a sports commentator on his social media platforms.

“He is aggrieved with the way NUP supporters insult him on social media,” a source who happens to be an aide to Deputy Lord Mayor Nyanjura Doreen says. “We called NUP to embrace the campaign but all in vain. They seem disinterested in advancing the liberation agenda,” added the source.

Dr. Besigye has since 2001 challenged president Museveni on the ballot for four consecutive general elections before a ‘despised’ pop star turned politician Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine rose to prominence and changed the odds of the game.

It is not the first time that Besigye is abandoning campaigns and fronts. Recently even the People’s Government was disbanded to pave space for the People’s Front for Transition.

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