The Democratic Party President general Hon Nobert Mao has come out to attack MPs whom he refered to as ‘half baked’ not fit to be in parliament because of their conducts.

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Mao was referring to the heated debate in parliament where MPs especially from the opposition wasted a lot of time trying to rebel against Education Minsiter Hon Janet Kataaha Museveni’s request to meet parliament at Kololo instead of in the parliamentary chambers to discuss issues relating to the safe opening of schools. The first lady faced a hostile contestation from opposition NUP MPs who declined to heed to her prayer to have the interface hosted at the Kololo independence grounds with each legislator subjected to an up to date COVID-19 test.

Mao says he was so disappointed in the squannles and asked whether it was going to be the first time parliament was going to seat in Kololo.

Mao adds that the issue at hand is to make sure that schools open up because this is what Ugandans want instead of discussing who has called who for a meeting or discussing the venue.

Mao further adds that some individuals just be looking for media attention and to make newspaper headlines to show their constituents that they are doing something in parliament.

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