The renowned Turkey based blogger and Museveni critic Kajjubi Fred Lumbuye on Thursday night made a grand debutant online return since his return from custody. Lumbuye had kept his fans waiting impatiently with many wondering if he would ever replicate his past self. Some of his followers had already ruled that the firebrand Museveni critic would never make a live stream feed reportedly as one of the terms enshrined in his bail.

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However, Lumbuye announced his return and indeed fulfilled his plan. Just on his stream he garnered a record breaking live following on his newy created ‘Lumbuye Fred’ page that had about 28k live viewers, including other NUP leaning blog pages like Ekyooto, Elgon Investigator, etc that were tapping into his broadcast.

Lumbuye was enthusiastic about his grand reception and even lauded all Ugandans that fought for his freedom. Lumbuye communicated in both English and the Luganda dialect to appeal to his heterogeneous domestic and diaspora following.

In his message, the composed blogger rallied Ugandans to be ready to lose their national assets that are allegedly auctioned off to the Chinese.

“I always warned you about these things. The airport is already gone, Owen falls dam, Makerere University and several historical installations are next,” he prophesied. “Museveni, his wife Janet and Sam Kuteesa used National assets as security to procure loans from China. A time will come when China colonizes Uganda and the people will be forced to learn Chinese,” he added.

Lumbuye also appealed to the NUP party leader Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine to reshuffle the diaspora chapter which he says has failed to meet the standards of what a party chapter should be like. He also called on him to even restructure the domestic NUP structure. Lumbuye even accused the SFC of being behind the cattle theft in Karamoja subregion and to prove this, he played a video for his followers. He prophesied that the lead Kasese butcher Peter Elwelu is likely to be assassinated by the NRA regime.

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