The Commander of the NRA/UPDF land forces also first son Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has roared saying the ADF rebels are to regret their mistakes of attacking Uganda with this time going to suffer a bloody nose. Muhoozi says nothing is going to stop the UPDF from accomplishing the operation.

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The UPDF who kicked off their hunt for rebels with air and artillery strikes are now moving on ground hunting down the ADF rebels to completely mop them out. However, their expedition is suffering a set back due to poor terrain and the rainy impenetrable forests.

Gen Muhoozi says even when the army has suffered a set back due to the poor roads halting the campaign for a week, the UPDF will not give up until the ADF is completely down.

“We shall not leave Congo until we have swept them down. They invited us by the mockery attacks, we are here. They will know what we are capable of,” he says.

Gen Muhoozi also thanked the gallant UPDF fighters who are giving it their all to see that Ugandans back home can have ever lasting peaceful environment to conduct their businesses and live a comfortable life.

Renowned political pundit Andrew Mwenda has described the entire operation as a signal of supremacy. He says Gen. Museveni is simply trying to show his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame what would happen in case Kigali chooses direct confrontation with Kampala.

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