The embattled CMI boss Abel Kandiho has weighed in on the US sanctions slapped against him over his alleged role in the gross rights violations during and after the just concluded general elections.

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Kandiho has in a recent US intelligence report been pinned in the egregious actions that ensued on the 2021 campaign season. “The CMI targeted individuals due to their nationality, political views, or critique of the Ugandan government. Individuals were taken into illegal custody and held, often without legal proceedings, at CMI detention facilities where they were subjected to horrific beatings,” part of the US Department of Treasury report reads.

Now Kandiho says, all the charges slapped on him are politically orchestrated by what he terms as his enemies who are envious of his success.

Kandiho in a press statement dismissed the financial sanctions imposed on him by the US as ‘politically motivated and inconsequential’.

“I am not bothered by the so-called sanctions. I have no business with the US. It is political. They should just be careful not to create enemies and losing allies,” he stated.

It should be noted that even Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu the lead orchestrator of the 2016 November terror campaign on the Rwenzururu kingdom natives, disregarded the US sanctions as ‘useless’ when he similarly stated that he has no ‘business’ with the Americans.

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