The National Unity Platform party has continued to dominate the Kayunga LCV byelection ahead of the December 16 polling date. For the entirety of this yet to close week, NUP has been traversing all corners of the district preaching to the voters the message of change.

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A team from Kamwokya headed by the chief of the NUP informal sector and mobilization Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu has been campaigning for the Kayunga candidate Harriet Nakwedde Kafeero.

On Thursday, the NUP crew traversed all corners of the district, something that sent panic to the NRM side. Sources say Museveni himself ordered his Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja to lay her feet on Kayunga soil and neutralize the dominance of NUP. Close to UGX 3 billion was given to Nabbanja and the NRM secretary general Richard Todwong to bribe the masses from voting the umbrella symbol.

“Don’t vote for NUP because you will continue to suffer,” Nabbanja told Kayunga masses at the NRM rally. “Vote a person who will easily access me and the president,” she added.

On the other hand, the NUP entourage unleashed a mass gathering that left security forces in a state of quagmire. Even when the NRM had directed the Kayunga RDC and DPC to fire teargas at the masses, nothing as such was effected.

Nakwedde’s Manifesto

In her Manifesto, Harriet Nawedde a teacher by profession and a renowned servant of the Kayunga council says she is here to serve all the locals.

“Nakwedde is not here to fight with anybody. Nakwedde is not better than anybody. She is here to serve all the people,” she said at a rally in Kangulumira subcounty on Thursday evening. “We are here to improve the livelihoods of our people. I want that tomato farmer to have a worthy price for his commodity. I want that sugar farmer to sell at a worthy price. I am here to fight that exploitation of our people,” she added.

Meanwhile the NUP party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine is expected to be in Kayunga at a later date as the polls are left with just 6 days to closure.

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