There is confusion in Namayumba district after the NUP candidate was assigned the NRM symbol while the NRM candidate was assigned the NUP symbol something that has raised eyebrows of voters and leaders.

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Locals believe the Electoral Commission is attempting to collude with the NRM party candidate Ssekweyama Mustafa to enable him scoop the heated Mayoral polls.

“They know we will tick the umbrella symbol. That’s why they have tagged it to the name of the NRM candidate. We shall not he fooled. We know the NUP candidate and that’s Muzenze Joseph,” Mutyabule Aziz, a local in Namutumba reacted. “NRM has been fooling us for all these years but we are now very sober,” he adds.

It is yet to be known if the Electoral Commission Uganda will call off the exercise untill this can be rectified as it can by law attract a petition to nullify the process.

The people have vowed to cast the polls im favour of the NUP candidate regardless of the confusion being made.

NUP in a statement scoffed at the EC for relegating itself to a level of shamelessly conniving with the ruling NRM party to rig. “In Namayumba, this is how the ballot paper appears! The voters have been told to go ahead and vote, and use a pen to write NUP! Clearly, the Electoral commission is part in the NRM scheme to rig these elections,” NUP wrote in a social media statement.

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