A heated brawl has just ensued in State House Nakasero after the first son also Commander of Land Forces Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba lost his temper and spat in the face of Electoral Commission boss Justice Simon Byabakama.

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This followed the preliminary results for the heated Kayunga polls indicating that the National Unity Platform party candidate Harriet Nakwedde is in a comfortable lead against NRM’s Andrew Muwonge.

Sources privy intimate that a visibly drunk Muhoozi grabbed Byabakama by the collar and slapped him as he accused him of being a ‘bad cadre’.

“We have given you everything to deliver us this victory. You had all the money you needed and even the security,” Muhoozi yelled at Byabakama. “We have not ashamed ourselves in broad daylight just to be humiliated like this. You have to nullify that byelection now,” he directed.

By the end of the meeting, a speechless Byabakama collected himself and shied out of the state house boardroom. It is not clear if he will nullify the election as urged by Muhoozi.

It should be noted that Gen. Museveni wants an LCV boss who shall rubber stamp on the land grabbing deals. It’s perhaps for that very reason that the regime elimiated NUP’s Muhammad Ffefeka Sserubogo as the deceased has opposed Museveni’s plan to evacuate Kayunga locals and resettle Banyarwanda cattle keepers.

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