It is so far good news for the UPDF as its military campaign against the ADF in DRC is reportedly registering back to back victories.

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According to the UPDF, 60 ADF rebels have today surrendered while 30 have been arrested in a well staged ambush.

According to the UPDF Deputy Spokesperson Lt col. Ronald Kakulungu, he says sofar the operations are moving on smoothly with the UPDF expecting more rebels to surrender as they have been cut off food supplies and arms with those refusing to surrender likely to die of starvation.

Some sources within the UPDF/NRA add that the war with the ADF is likely to take a short time than earlier anticipated following the good collaboration effort between the Congolese Army and the UPDF.

Gen. Museveni vowed to completely destroy the ADF which was responsible for the last month bomb attacks in Uganda’s capital Kampala Killing a number of people including men in Uniform.

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