The recently announced US sanctions imposed on the CMI terror machine Maj. Gen Abel Kandiho have left many Museveni regime bigwigs in the military frightened of what fate awaits them. This follows a credible tip from insiders that disclosed that more sanctions on 12 more Ugandan military chiefs were being discussed by the Biden administration.

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Amongst the top names tipped for the sanctions is Lt. Andrew Gutti the presiding judge of the military court martial where thousands of civilians aligned to the opposition National Unity Platform party were arbitrarily charged and thrown to rot in various prisons on politically inspired charges.

Credible sources say Gutti who suffers various health complications that see him recommended to hospitals abroad for treatment is afraid of being targeted in case he features on the looming sanctions list.

“We are not so sure about what awaits him (Gutti), but being a judge in a court that has persecuted political prisoners implies he himself can’t be sure that he won’t be sanctioned,” a source well versed with US sanctions says. “The sanctions will be announced when the right time comes. The US is ready to punish the so called untouchables who have abused people’s rights with impunity,” he added.

Meanwhile the court martial boss Gutti is said to be fighting hard to avoid featuring on the coming sanctions list. He is reportedly trying to flee the case in which NUP supporters like Olivia Nalutaaya and Yasin Machete are being charged with subversion.

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