Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says they have gathered intelligence reports that some elements in the opposition have failed to recover from the January 2021 polls and have since resorted to encouraging and facilitating subversive activities.

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Enanga made the comments in the weekly security press briefing where he revealed that at least 21 members of the ‘Uganda Coalition forces for Change’ a suspected rebel outfit were arrested in an operation. Enanga says political leaders in the opposition should respect the will of the majority Ugandans who voted for the incumbent government of NRM.

“The voice of the majority of Ugandans was actually heard. Therefore those politicians who are accelerating the heat by encouraging recruitment of youths to engage in dangerous activities are hereby cautioned,” he says. “The suspects have confessed to us that they are being recruited by politicians. The purpose for which they are attacking our police posts is to gain arms to use in their mission of toppling a legitimate government,” he adds.

Enanga warns that police will not hesitate to swing into action and apprehend any politician implicated in the wave of attacks targeting police officers. His caution comes at a time when at least 6 police officers have been killed and disamed by unknown assailants operating in the Wamala subregion.

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