The Chairperson of the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue also NRM lifetime leader Gen. Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa has ordered the party secretary generals of the Democratic Party and Uganda People’s Congress to vacate Rwakitura with immediate effect.

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This follows his bitterness over the National Unity Platform Party leadership’s failure to dispatch their secretary general to be part of the engagement. Earlier on the, NUP pronounced its position on the engagement saying they would not dialogue with Museveni on grounds that he does not value the notions of a democratic dispensation as evidenced in the abduction and arbitrary arrests on the supporters of NUP.

In his official justification for the adjournment, Museveni as quoted by the media says he is preparing for the end of year speech and therefore he cannot contaminate or divert his mind with IPOD engagements.

“The IPOD SGs meeting has been postponed to a later date in January on President Museveni’s request to prepare for his New Year message set to be coupled with a national address on Covid-19 on Friday, the presidency said Wednesday,” one local news outlet reported.

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