Uganda Land Commission Chairperson Hon Beatrice Byanki Nyakaisiki has been forced to step aside as the Inspectorate of Government investigates allegations for misuse of her position as the lands Commission Chairperson.

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The IGG Hon Beti Kamya wrote a letter to the Minsiter for Lands Hon Judith Nabakoba instructing her to pull Nyakaisiki out of office as Investigations go on.

Nyakaisiki has been replaced by Prof Nyeko Penmagi as acting Chairperson until the case in concluded.

In 2020, Nyakaisiki the former woman MP for Hoima District fell out with Hon Beti Kamya the then Lands Minsiter and Hon Percis Namuganza the state Minsiter for lands after she pinned the two ministers for misusing the lands fund money. This was in the parliamentary budget committee where she denied knowing anything about the Shs12.11bn asked for by the Ministry of Land for compensation of various land owners.

Nyakaisiki insisted the two Minisiters wanted to take a share of the money.

Following this suspension, our desk can confirm that Nyakaisiki is to hold a press conference tomorrow (Tuesday 4th January 2021)where she will speak about the matter and expose the crooks in the lands Minsitry.

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