NRM youths who are backing the proposed parliamentary system where MPs will vote for the president on behalf of the public have urged Ugandans to use their powers to vote for the right lawmakers in the general elections.

“Ugandans power to vote won’t be taken away by indirect voting. We are saying vote the right Member of Parliament who will vote for the right President,” Felix Adupa, one of the NRM youths on the frontline of the amendment opines. “The reform is not for Museveni. It is for all Ugandans. We are the citizens of Uganda thinking for Uganda,” he arrogantly added.

He also adds that NUP as a party must work hard if they want to win the presidency intead of criticizing the amendment.

“If you are popular as a party, send us more Members in the Parliament. In Parliament, things are clear, the strength of your political party in Parliament will be your vote for Presidency,” Adupa says. “We are spending a lot of money on elections. Let that money be sent back to strengthen the party at grassroots level,” he adds.

He further adds that the amendment is not part of the succession plan for the Muhoozi project.

“We are not a Muhoozi project. Muhoozi is a serving officer in the UPDF and cannot engage in politics,” Felix Adupa, President Transformer Cadres Association of NRM adds.

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