The National Unity Platform party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert has appealed to all his supporters to reconsider wearing the party red beret as one of the tools of expressing their quest for freedom.

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Bobi Wine supporters to face murder charges if found with berets

Bobi made the command at a party press conference held yesterday in Kamwokya. He based on the Andrew Mwenda saga where the veteran journalist overtly wore a military uniform in a war jet and nothing was done to him even when the UPDF vowed to investigate.

“You all saw how Andrew Mwenda wore a military uniform and he was not touched. I saw my sister Brig. Flavia Byekwaso claiming they are to investigate circumstances under which Mwenda accessed the military attire,” remarked Bobi. “It took just a mere tweet from Muhoozi Kainerugaba to declare Mwenda free from scrutiny. I dare Byekwaso to again continue her acclaimed investigations into Mwenda’s conduct,” he added.

Bobi further reflected on the events that ensued in the preceding troublesome year.

“I want to welcome you all from 2021. It was a “bloody” year. Many of our comrades didn’t make it to 2022. Others entered the year in hospitals. We continue to stand with them,” he said. “You all have heard about the new proposal to take away the power of the people to elect their leaders. Friends, it all begins like a joke. In 2017, Parliament was raided on the instruction of Museveni’s son. Using bribery and intimidation, the Constitution was tampered with. Museveni once again made himself eligible to stand for presidency,” he added.

Wine added that Museveni’s actions are predictable. “Like we told you in the past, one day, President Museveni would say no elections, well, it didn’t take as long as we expected,” he said. “Museveni was rejected by the people of Uganda who chose to massively vote for me as their president. I am the legally elected president. Now, he can’t take the shame anymore. He got out of the 2021 election bruised, and that’s why he wants to scrap elections,” he added.

On arrests;

As we speak, many of our people are being abducted and tortured. Kakwenza was held incommunicado, arraigned before court without the knowledge of his family and lawyers

Announces return of the red berets

Many people have been arrested for wearing berets. Interestingly, when several wear the berets, they will arrest everybody except me.

I challenge them to arrest us and convict us. They know we are not breaking the law. They know I wear it.

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