Locals in Kawempe and Kyotera district have this morning woken up to devastating news of wildfires that have ravaged New Crest Junior School at Kibedi day and Boarding Primary school in Kawempe division, and St. John’s Primary School in Kyotera district.

Five pupils have perished in these two separate fires that broke out in the wee morning hours of Saturday. The deceased infants at New Crest have neen named as; Bashira Nabawesi aged 6, Tena Denge, 6, Julian Nakalanzi,6, all pupils of primary one, and Hasina Nakawuki, 7, a primary two pupil.

The Kawempe school fire is said to have ignited at around 3am and according to eyewitness accounts, the police fire department took long to arrive yet there was still a chance to save the children.

“Police did not arrive on time. If they did, maybe we would not have registered fatalities,” Kaweesa a local of Kawempe intimates. “They don’t prioritise emergency services but rather invest in non essential things like teargas,” he adds.

Police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan area Luke Owoyesigire confirmed the incident and told the press that they would investigate the actual cause of the fire.

“We are looking into the matter to find out why police was not informed on time. We are also investigating the actual cause of the fire to establish whether it was an arsonist attack or a natural cause,” he adds.

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