The opposition Forum for Democratic Change Secretary General also Budadiri legislator Nathan Nandala Mafabi has scoffed at the National Unity Platform Party leadership over what he believes is tolerance of the prevailing dictatorship presided by Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

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Mafabi who appeared before a political talk show on TV this Tuesday morning revealed that NUP had at first declared FDC as a party of jokers that massaged Museveni for all the 20 years they were at forefront of the liberation struggle.

Mafabi a renowned Bobi Wine critic adds that now it is very  good that NUP has learnt or is in the process of learning from experience that all along FDC was not joking about ousting the repressive Museveni regime but rather a number of challenges hindered the process.

“We have given NUP space to work because they thought we were doing nothing. What is Kyagulanyi doing? What are his people doing?,” Mafabi remarked on the ongoing vacuum in the opposition leadership. “They said we were massaging Museveni. Even former presidential candidate John Katumba has come out asking for permission to conduct a peaceful demonstration,” he added.

On the fuel crisis that has caused an economic crisis, Mafabi revealed that the NRM government has not done enough.
“This fuel crisis is caused by poor planning by the government, and it’s going to cost us a lot. This government, led by President Museveni, acts under pressure,” he says.

NUP supporters however believe the FDC had normalized the dictatorship for as long as it consented to being part of parliament as the leaders of opposition. The same NUP supporters believe that it is for that very reason that FDC will never be at peace with the fact that they lost the office of Leader of Opposition to NUP.

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