A third year student of Biomedical sciences at Makerere University is in deep pain after losing his right hand to a teargas canister fired into his room by men in uniform deployed by the regime agent also Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe.

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The student whose identity has been revealed as Ssebuganda Richard aka Sebzo is apparently at Mulago hospital where surgeons have opted to decapitate what is left of his right hand to save him from the deep agony.

Students who reside in Lumumba hall where the student met his ill fate say police fired a canister into his room but it didn’t explode instantly. The canister is believed to have spent ample time inside the room because the victim never saw it on time.

“He was notified by his girlfriend who saw a strange canister. Sebzo went to pick the stange object which was a canister. It exploded soon as he attempted to get rid of it. It shattered his fingers and left him in pain,” a student explains to this reporter.

Contacted for a comment, the University Vice Chancellor’s personal assistant a one Gordon Murangira reiterated that whatever happened is not his business.

“So what if a student has lost his hand? How does that benefit me? We told those kids to stop protesting but they didn’t listen,” he asserted. “I am very busy at the moment. Don’t waste my time even. He is not the first student to lose a hand in a strike,” he added before hanging up his call.

The Makerere students protest has hit a second day since its declaration on February 7. Students are desperately yearning for a full reopening of the university while Prof. Nawangwe insists on the online learning model.

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