NUP party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert has rallied the European Union to take action on the perpetrators of torture and disregard for democracy in Uganda.

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Wine, 39, is currently in Brussels, Belgium where he was invited to address a panel of the EU human rights Commission.

The ex presidential contender in his address explained the appalling state of democracy in Uganda. He decried the rampant violence and wave of abductions and killings targeting opposition activists, members of the press and rights defenders.

Bobi Wine on February 8, features at a European Union panel in Brussels, Belgium where he is discussing the state of democracy in Uganda

Wine called on EU donor states to impose more restrictions and sanctions on the Ugandan government and military officials who have presided over or superintended terror on citizens.

Bobi Wine Tuesday statement;

This afternoon, I had the honor of addressing Members of the European Parliament belonging to the #RenewEurope group. I spoke about the human rights situation in our country and yet again made the case for the world to take firm action against those who undermine democracy and violate human rights with impunity. In fighting against a dictatorship, every action counts. As we engage on the ground, we shall also continue to engage internationally until democracy comes to Uganda.



Bobi Wednesday statement:

Yesterday evening, it was a great honor addressing the Members of the European Parliament belonging to the #SocialistsAndDemocrats Group. We discussed human rights, development, healthcare and other important subjects. As we all know, there cannot be meaningful development in the absence of the rule of law.

I therefore yet again reiterated our call for the European Union to make the respect of democracy and good governance a precondition for development aid. It is unacceptable for the world to keep funding Museveni with lots of money, most of which is lost in corruption, used for patronage or used to stock repressive tools. Extremely grateful for this important platform to raise the plight of our people.

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