Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kasolo has come out to support the security operatives who resort to torture as a means of administering justice.

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Speaking at the NBS Barometer Extra show on Tuesday night, Haruna Kasolo in reference to celebrated author Kakwenza Rukirabashaija said Ugandans especially those loyal to the NUP party have made it a norm to attack those they disagree with instead of engaging in civil debates. Kasolo says NUP supporters who trade insults on social media have tortured people psychologically.

“There are very many NRM people who have been tortured, mostly bu NUP people. They are always insulting us on social media,” Minister Kasolo remarked prompting a response from Mukono municipality MP Nambooze who asked him why he does not block those who offend him. “If someone insults you on social media, block them,” Nambooze advised Minister Kasolo.

Kasolo adds that as far as he knows, the NUP MPs will return to parliament soon as the torture debate leaves the media. “These NUP MPs will soon be perceived as drama actors. They once said if Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana are not released, they won’t return. Why did you return? Even now, I know they will. That waters down the relevance of their actions,” he remarked.

Frank Gashumba who also featured on the panel declared NUP a huge mistake to ever happen to Ugandan politics. Gashumba says the alternative government (NUP) is violent in equal measure as the NRM government.

“I plead with you, Joel Ssenyonyi, to speak to everyone. You have the social media influence; you have the social media influence; you have used it to attack everyone who could have given you a shoulder,” Gashumba said.

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