The outspoken FDC mouthpiece also KIira Municipality MP Hon Ssemujju Nganda has no kind words for Kampala Central MP Hon Muhammad Nsereko .

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Ssemujju says the opposition has for long been quiet over Nsereko but this time they will not stay silent because Nsereko has continued to show his evil habits of being a double agent, dealing with Museveni and at the same time pretend he is fighting for the oppressed people.

Ssemujju says he was one day disappointed with Nsereko when he went to state house , picked money from Museveni to go ferry people to attend Gen Museveni’s nomination ceremony as a presidential candidate. He therefore says he is advising Nsereko to trade carefully because one day things may turn against him.

Ssemujju added that Nsereko tries to fool the public that he part of the opposition yet but his actions contradict with what he speaks.

“You cannt say you are fighting Museveni when you go to him pick money. If am blackmailing him, he should take me to court am ready to defend myself.” Ssemujju says

Ssemujju says that whoever is in the opposition and he is dealing with Nsereko should be careful because Nsereko is a snake that needs to be avoided.

“Tell me any activity aimed at removing Museveni that Nsereko has attended. He only goes to tvs and radios to speak but in actual sense he is not part of us.” Ssemujju added

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