Yasiin Busulwa, one of the NUP supporters says he was arrested by plain clothed security operatives in November last year. He was on Sunday evening dropped in Nakawa after spending several days in the dungeons of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

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Upon his release by a drone, a visibly frail Busuulwa was presented before journalists at the party head offices in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb. While narrating his torture ordeal, Busuulwa said he was electrocuted, immersed in very cold stinking water, and flogged with an electric wire.

Busuulwa is bedridden at a city hospital that our reporter is not authorized to reveal for security reasons. Doctors handling his case say he is in a dire state that may even require a recommendation to the Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi where his trauma and physical injuries may be handled with expertise.

The torture trend is becoming a normal venture in Uganda, with security forces being the chief orchestrators of the inhumane vice. Although the NRM government claims it does not condone torture, no single military official has ever been apprehended to answer to the charges relating to torture.

Encountered for a comment, the office of the security Minister Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi declined to give their take on Busuulwa’s matter, saying they are unaware of any case relating to such.

“We are also seeing it on social media for the very first time. We will give a comment after assessing the situation,” an official at Muhwezi’s office said. It should be noted that the same security Minister survived a parliamentary censure motion that was architectured by the opposition.

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