The State Minister for Industries and Trade Hon. Harriet Ntabaazi says Ugandans should endure the spiraling prices of commodities. This comes amid an outburst from a huge section of the public demanding for justifications as to why prices of essential items for the households are sky rocketing amidst loud silence from government.

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The Minister however says this is something Ugandans must endure as this is a free market economy where prices of commodities are determined by forces of demand and supply.

“As government, we cannot promise you much. We don’t have any plan to meddle in the price hikes. We are incapable of telling suppliers what prices to set for their goods and services. We are a free market economy,” she intimated. “I only urge Ugandans to be calm and just meet the available prices,” she urged.

Reacting on the same matter of soaring prices, Gen. Museveni on Friday said this is a global crisis triggered by the Ukrainian crisis. He said the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that has raged for the past weeks has affected global oil prices and therefore it directly impacts on the Ugandan economy.

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