It is now more than 16 years when the then Sudan’s Vice President John Garang was killed in a helicopter crash in Uganda. The Sudan leader was on a working trip aimed at strengthening bilateral relations with Kampala. He even made a visit to president Yoweri Museveni’s private residence in Rwakitura where they held talks about the future of Sudan which faced a series of civil and secessionist wars as the black ethic groups sought to break away from the Arabic Khartoum administration citing years of oppression.

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Garang upon concluding his trip was gifted Museveni’s private official chopper of model Mi-172. He had to travel back to Southern Sudan but unfortunately he could not make it back on July, 30, 2005. A probe into the crash concluded that the pilot errored by flying at a lower altitude below the clouds because of bad weather yet he was approaching a higher terrain. Garang, the pilot and all the 13 member crew perished instantly. His death sparked violent protests that led to 150 more deaths in Southern Sudan as the SPLM members attributed his demise to the Kampala administration.

A year prior on May, 16, 2004, Francis Ayume, a former speaker of the sixth parliament and attorney general died in a mysterious accident in Nakasongola as he returned from his upcountry home in Koboko district, West Nile.

Over 16 years after the two prominent deaths, more accidents targeting dissidents and government critics have occured. Veteran journalist and regime critic Teddy Tsezi Tcheye was knocked and killed in a hit and run Boda Boda accident. Sumy Sadurni a Spanish Mexican freelance photojournalist has also a week back perished in a hit and run car accident in Kiryandongo district. Just yesterday, the newly deployed Swedish Diplomat Lindberg Ulrika died in a Jinja-Iganga highway accident. The trend of car accidents targeting high profile personalities has since raised concerns and fears within the opposition politicians who suspect that government might be having a hand.

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