The veteran Dokolo County woman Member of Parliament Cecilia Ogwal Atim who is a renowned opposition figure is in the spotlight for reportedly accepting a UGX 10m bribe from the Deputy Speaker Anita Among to consent to her idea to impeach Mityana municipality MP Zaake Francis Butebi from the office of the Parliamentary Commissioner.

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Ogwal who has been an MP since 1996 is amongst several legislators that have succumbed to Among’s 10m to aid an unprecedented illegality. She formerly served on the same parliamentary Commssion Secretariat in the peak days of the Forum for Democratic Change party when it dominated the august house as the leading opposition party.

Lately, Ogwal has been appreciative of the NRM leadership which to him has partially enticed her to do away with the defiant ideology of the opposition.

“Why condemn me for talking to NRM people?,” she asked when grilled for attending an NRM party event at Kyadondo road on Women’s day. “If I participate in elections and win, I can then speak for the majority who have failed to take part. So I don’t subscribe to the narrow mindedness that by being seen talking to any of the NRM people, I have been compromised or should be condemned,” she added.

Our website was able to retrieve a full list of MPs who have accepted the UGX 10m bribe and signed on their names. Below is the full list;

List showing MPs on Rules, Privileges and Discipline committee who signed for UGX 10m from Anita Among upon achieving Zaake’s impeachment

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