A US based source who happens to be a close friend to the ex wife to the bedridden speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, says the Acholi icon is inlikely to make it alive at the Seattle based hospital where he has been admitted for over 2 months now.

According to the ex wife as quoted by our source, the relatives to the sickly Oulanyah were called to witness a euthanasia, after US chemotherapists confirmed that Oulanyah is far from making it alive.

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Euthanasia im medical terms refers to the practice of ending the life of a critically unconscious patient to rescue him or her from immense suffering. The patient in question would be terminally ill with very minimal chances.

Oulanyah as quoted by former NBS TV journalist Mordecai Muriisa Martin had requested to resign. In his tweet published 2 days ago, Mordecai wrote, “Deep throat sources are alleging that the speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah wants to remain in the US for treatment for the next six months to a year & resign both of his parliament positions, for bye they say that latterly his health condition has deteriorated.”

DP Party president Norbert Mao, one of the members on the Anita Among led entourage that went to visit the sickly speaker in a Thursday tweet said, “I’m with the CJ, the D/speaker, the Health Minister & the speaker’s brother in Seattle where the Speaker is hospitalized. A man who is very ill deserves our prayers. Above all let’s respect his privacy and that of his family. The D/Speaker will soon issue a statement. It is well!”

It is now two days since Among led the team to check on Oulanyah. She has not yet communicated publicly on the speaker’s condition leaving the public in speculations.

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