Special arrangements are being made to take the 92 year old Mzee Nathan L’okori to state house Entebbe where he is to interface with president Yoweri Museveni, insiders have intimated to this newspaper.

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It is said Museveni who had dodged the final send off of the fallen speaker Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah as he went to the East African Community summit to witness the admission of DRC to the bloc was displeased with the remarks of Mzee L’okori.

According to the original burial arrangements, Mzee L’okori was not supposed to be given a microphone to address mourners but with aid of the DP party president Norbert Mao, he was accorded speaking time.

While addressing mourners, Mzee L’okori insisted that his son had been poisoned by people whose identity he did not immediately reveal.

“My son was poisoned. He told me this. By the time he was flown abroad, the poison had spoilt all his internal organs. This is the truth, I don’t blame it on anyone but the person who poisoned him,” Mzee L’okori said yesterday.

Museveni had instructed the Vice President Rtd. Maj. Jessica Alupo to deliver UGX 50m as condolences to Mzee L’okori. The assumption was that this huge sum of money would lure the elderly L’okori from speaking anything at the burial. He however did the contrary. Now sources say Museveni wants to have a one on one with L’okori so he can share to him the exact identity of the people whom he thinks poisoned his son.

A state house source who confided in us on condition of anonymity says the meeting shall be held as soon as Museveni returns from Nairobi.

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