The state house leadership at Entebbe has strongly dispelled claims regarding rights violations as stated by opposition figure Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine on his trip to the Geneva summit.

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In his submission to the delegation that attended the Geneva summit, Bobi exposed a span of rights violations committed on him and his supporters by the Kampala administration headed by Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, a despotic ruler who ascended to power in 1986 via a guerrilla revolution.

Wine said several of his supporters are still detained in illegal custody, some tortured and maimed by security forces, while others murdered deliberately. Bobi also cited the threats under which he lives as an outspoken opposition figure. He said he is under state surveillance and indeed so is the case since police erected very long CCTV surveillance cameras to oversee what happens inside his perimeter wall at his Magere mansion. Bobi also said his life is in danger and that any time, the regime can do anything to him. He cited the house detention illegally imposed on him for 11 days after the January 2021 polls were concluded.

Bobi further called on the donor nations to cut ties with Museveni government. “We call upon world leaders to stop shaking Gen. Museveni’s blood stained hands through funding and cooperation,” Wine stated at the summit.

State House responds

The state house Deputy press secretary to Museveni, Faruk Kirunda has come out to strongly disregard Kyagulanyi’s comments at the Geneva summit as a bunch of lies with no factual truth. “Bobi Wine is telling complete lies. Security agencies in Karamoja are fighting armed rustlers who have terrorized the region,” he said in reference to claims raised by Kyagulanyi that the Ugandan army was butchering locals in the remote Norther Eastern region to plunder their natural wealth and resources. “Kyagulanyi should stop deceiving the world. Time for politics ended. It’s time to work now. The NRM Government headed by president Museveni is embarking on service delivery, wealth creation and infrastructural development,” he added.

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