Reports coming in indicate that the Rwenzururu king Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere is critically ill pending airlifting to India. Mumbere who has been out of Kasese for close to 5 years was banned from leaving Kampala and Wakiso districts as per the stringent bail conditions set by Justice Eva Luswata the one who presided the Jinja High court proceedings of 2017.

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Since his restriction from leaving Kampala and Wakiso, Mumbere has been blocked from making his regular medical trips to India for proper treatment. A source familiar with the bail intimates that even visitors who would wish to check on him at his Muyenga residence must seek clearance from the general court martial.

“You cannot see him without clearance from CMI. You must have their permission before coming to this place to see him,” the source says. “The Nyamahole (Queen mother) is so far the only authorized person to make regular visits without army clearance but even if the Omusinga is sickly, she is not allowed to communicate to his subjects back in Kasese,” the source adds.

However, for 5 consecutive years, Mumbere has never accessed his medical examination. He reportedly battles a severe diabetic condition and hypertension.

When speculations about the Omusinga’s health deterioration struck social media on Tuesday, the NRM regime through its allies in the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu hurriedly issued a press statement disregarding the claims stating that they are unfounded and baseless. Locals in Kasese however put the officials to task challenging them to produce visual evidence to back their claims that the Omusinga is in perfect health. No video or photo proof was adduced to back the kingdom press release.

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