The Spokesperson of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces Brigadier General Felix Kulayigye has threatened to take action on 29 year old Alexandria Marinos, a NUP supporter who has pinned the army to aggravated rape.

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Marinos who has headlined in major Ugandan mainstream media came out to accuse two security operatives attached to the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence to have allegedly abducted her on March 30 and dragged her to a safe house in Mbuya where they unleashed episodes of terror on her.

Marinos named her rape perpetrators as Elias Ssengooba and Capt. Ali Hassan, and indeed the next day (Friday) the office of the UPDF spokesperson paraded them to the public but denied they had actually sexually assaulted the helpless lady.

Ever since she publicly pinned the UPDF in acts of rape, Marinos, a mother says her life has never been the same. She says she keeps receiving repeated calls from anonymous callers linked to security. She says they are offering her financial relief to keep out of the press or else they furthermore institute harm on her.

“A man claiming to be Kulayigye’s aide called me on Sunday night and instructed me to keep away from the media and we have an out of public settlement,” Marinos reportedly says. “I asked him why I have to get away from the media if I am lying as Mr. Kulayigye claimed in the media. He did not answer to this and said an order is an order and I have to abide,” she added.

Marinos says if she is tarnishing the UPDF image as acclaimed by Kulayigye, then why can’t they (UPDF) take extra miles and drag her to court. “I challenge them to take me to court if I’m lying about my torture,” she said. “No woman can fake her own rape just to capture attention. I was tortured and there’s visible proof to that,” she added.

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