The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja has given Sango bay squatters an ultimatum of one month to vacate the Sango bay based land following a presidential directive instructing them to pave way for palm oil production.

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Gen. Museveni in a recent directive ordered all the occupants of Sango bay in Kyotera district to pave space for the land to be put to use by an investor who seeks to boost palm oil production.

Gen. Museveni issued the directive with anticipation that the palm oil production would somehow mitigate the soaring cooking oil prices. Museveni allocated tge piece of land to BIDCO company.

In a Wednesday cabinet meeting, Museveni directed that all the occupants of Sango bay to leave. PM Nabbanja at a radio talk show said that compensation shall only benefit occupants that lived on that particular land 12 years before the promulgation of the 1995 constitution of Uganda.

“Yes the President directed me to see that the occupants on the Sango Bay land  leave so that it is used to grow oil palm as those being grown in Kalangala are not enough to alleviate the increasing prices of soap and cooking oil,” PM Nabbanja. “We therefore order all the people on this gazetted land to peacefully leave within one month to easen government work. We do not want the project to be stalled by any objections,” she added.

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