The Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has yet again lashed out at the opposition National Unity Platform party labelling it as an entity with no clear alternative policy.

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The infuriated Mao says leaders of the Kamwokya based party have failed to produce high quality leaders in the eleventh Parliament. According to Mao, most NUP MPs are ‘half baked’ and cannot articulate matters of national importance on the floor of Parliament.

“NUP MPs cannot even speak on the floor for one minute. Their quality is too raw. They need to be taken for leadership training,” Mao remarked during the Iftar dinner he hosted at Balintuma road based party offices in Kampala. “NUP MPs are not credible. They are just hungry money makers,” he added.

The row between NUP and Mao dates back from 2020 before the political pressure group dubbed People Power morphed into the National Unity Platform party. Mao had scoffed at Bobi Wine describing his political entity as a school without a ‘UNEB centre number’. Mao’s 2020 attacks on People Power were followed by a mass exodus of DP MPs who defected to Bobi’s new NUP party. Apparently the once mightu DP only has 9 MPs while NUP has 57 MPs in the eleventh Parliament.

Mao revives attacks

The iconic Northern Uganda political figure went on this very year to cook up accusations that NUP leaders were to blame for the death of his long time friend also speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah following protests at the Seattle based cancer hospital. Mao described the NUP protesters as ‘night dancers’. His angry remarks were afterwards followed by a barrage of tweets directed at the leadership of NUP.

But NUP party president last weekend came out to give a public take on Mao’s rants saying the reason for which he has never uttered a retaliatory comment is due to the respect he still holds for the Mao he always looked to.

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