Reports from the looming Omoro County by-election indicate that locals are considering supporting the National Unity Platform party candidate Simon Tolit Akecha over Oulanyah’s son as poll reflects that many are against what appears to be monarch politics in case Andrew Ojok succeeds his late father, Jacob Oulanyah.

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NUP participation in Omoro worries Museveni, state house sources say
In other dynamics that have inspired Andrew Ojok’s rejection, the largely Acholi dominated Lalogi village locals are hesitant towards supporting Ojok whom unlike his late Langi father may not be having a uniting factor. It should be noted that the late Oulanyah was a Langi by blood though he was born in an Acholi community which was occupied by his grandparents prior to his birth. Oulanyah was uniquely endowed with being a multi-lingual orator who fluently spoke both Acholi and Langi, unlike his son who has spent most of his childhood and adult life outside Omoro.

Omoro locals also argue that the Oulanyah family should not delegate a family member to take part in an election organized by a government which Mzee Nathan Okori openly accuses with poisoning his son. “If the NRM government is poisoning our Acholi people, why again would the Oulanyah family send their child to be murdered?,” asks Walter Opio.

Eleven persons previously expressed interest in the seat, four of whom belonged to the NRM party. The four include Omoro LC5 chairperson Douglas Peter Okello, alias Okao; Omoro District speaker Richard Bongowat Luganya; Oulanyah’s son Andrew Ojok, and Oulanyah’s former campaign manager Ben Acellam.

The Omoro County seat fell vacant upon the passing of Oulanyah on March 20 in Seattle, USA.

The Electoral Commission set May 26, as the date for the Omoro County by-election. The voters’ register update exercise will run from April 14 to 19.

According to the Electoral Commission, the nomination of candidates will take place from May 12 to May 13 at Omoro District Council Hall. The campaigns will take place from May 16 to 24.

In his reasons attached to his justifications to why Oulanyah’s son should not be voted, author Philip Matogo writes;

“Beyond the mechanics of the process, we must realise that this election is not a mere election. It is an acid test to see whether Uganda is fit be a republic or a monarchy. The difference between the two is simple, a monarchy is led by a king or queen (both are monarchs). While in a republic, supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and the state has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.
We know the apologists of this trend will say “the people decided”. However, if we are building a genuine republic, then we must define a republic to be a government of laws and not a matrix for the whims of the people. After all, our Constitution states that the people are sovereign and the law is supreme. Indeed, the laws shape political customs, conventions, and modes of thought. However, in Uganda, we are witnessing a subtle shift to a polity which respects neither public contracts nor private rights.”

FDC is reportedly considering to go into an understanding with the NRM party so that Andrew Ojok wins at all costs. Kilak MP Akol Anthony who belongs to FDC has been heard numerous times saying he will support Andrew Ojok. Sources say it is for that matter that the Najjanankumbi based party has unveiled Owani Dick Denis to divide the opposition in Omoro so that NUP’s Simon Tolit Akecha loses his fertile grip in favor of Andrew Ojok Oulanyah.

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