Buganda Road magistrates Court on Friday remanded the 15 university student protesters to Luzira maximum prison till May 18.

Court declined to grant them bail despite having at least 2 substantial sureties for each of the 15 students.

One of the parents to a one Kamya Carlos from Kyambogo University broke down in tears and decried the unfair treatment of the students. She says it is unfair that the presiding magistrate remanded physically tortured students and on top of that rejected to hear about their plight in regard to the looming examinations on Monday.

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“My son has exams on Monday. Which magistrate who is also a parent object to release students waiting for papers?,” she asked. Another surety accused the magistrate with having a predetermined decision. “She got instructions from the speaker Anita Among to have the students remanded. We are used to the politics of Buganda Road court. They remand you for as long as they see you affiliated to NUP. They no longer grant bail till one spends 2 weeks on remand as the minimum,” she says. “Habib Buwembo, an opposition activist who protested Among’s reckless statements on torture victims is on remand since February 23 on Among’s orders,” she added.

One of their lawyers Ainebyoona Ronald stated that they will process a production warrant to have the students produced for bail on Monday. “We will work on a production warrant on Monday. Being a weekend, we could not process urgently as we had intended,” Ainebyoona says.

The students whom 13 were male and 2 were female confessed to this reporter that they were tortured inside the CPS holding cells.

“We were subjected to severe beatings from when the truck set off from the scene at parliament up to CPS. Policemen clad in the Field Force Unit uniforms kicked and stepped on us with heavy boots,” retorted one of the girls who were arrested. “Some of our colleagues blacked out courtesy of the heavy battering and were only revived by injections,” she added.

The students are mainly from Makerere University, Kyambogo University and Makerere University Business School..

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