“My role is not to offer any alternative policy to the government but to fight it down till it collapses,” says MP Ssemujju Nganda.

The Kiira Municipality MP Hon Ssemujju Nganda has come out to to say that even if offering alternative legislative policies is one of the roles of the opposition , his role and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is to instead fight the Museveni led government until it collapses.

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Ssemujju says these are abnormal times whereby it tantamounts to betrayal of Ugandans if the opposition leaders start working for the survival of the NRM government and thus the opposition leaders should join him to see that they get rid of a government that has been in power for nearly 40 years.

Ssemujju adds that there is completely no democracy in Uganda and thus Ugandans should not expect miracles from a military regime to respect human rights and rule of law.

He further adds that the role of FDC is to get rid of Gen Museveni and his government and then after organize fresh free and fair elections amd these can be held without Gen Museveni in the picture.

“We first of all need to get rid of Gen Museveni’s government if we are to have any discussions about democracy. You cannot have democracy under the current military rule,” he said. “I drive from home to my work place but there’s no road that does not have military. Government is on panic. They anticipate protests at any time. They are like a school where police officers guard the library from arsonist attacks by students,” he added.

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