In the ongoing budget session at parliament, the Kiira Municipality lawmaker Ibrahim Ssemujju has continued to raise concerns regarding how government unnecessarily wastes money on non relevant issues.

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After questioning the move to sustain the first family with over 677 billions, Ssemujju grilled government to justify why they are budgeting to procure more than 360 vehicles for the Internal Security Organization-ISO, an entity well known for terrorizing Ugandans.

Ssemujju suggests that ISO should get at least 5 vehicles in this coming Financial year and the rest of the money gets allocated to the health system.

The indefatigable firebrand FDC MP also grilled parliament for approving billions of money to be wasted on specific individuals paid for appeasing the president. Ssemujju says some presidential advisors do not even deserve to get a coin from taxpayers since their role does not even add on the enhancement of the livelihoods of Ugandans.

To emphasize his point, Ssemujju said “The list of presidential advisors include Full figure, Buchaman, Catherine Kusasira. For God’s sake even if you are loyal blind loyalist, how can you approve rent for Full figure when you don’t have money for maintaining ICU across the country?.”

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