Today is the third day since the self styled leader of the People’s Front for Transition Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye declined to pay the set UGX 30m bail fee and got remanded to Luzira maximum prison by the Buganda Road Magistrates Court presided by Sienna Owomugisha.

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Since his arrest, no extra efforts have been taken by supporters of his cause to levy some pressure on the government such that his freedom is guaranteed. Most of his supporters are neither doing an online campaign to press for his release, nor organizing pressers or peaceful protests for the same cause.

Our snoops say the veteran opposition doyen is in silent negotiations with his lead counsel also FDC Deputy President for Buganda Erias Lukwago to file a petition to the high court to challenge the imposed bail fee in a bid to seek its relaxation from UGX 30m to an affordable amount. Our source authoritatively confirms that the petition will be Monday next week be considered by High Court. His legal team argues that him being a senior citizen with substantial sureties in the capacity of political leaders, he cannot at any point abscond Court or flee into exile.

Besigye is to re-appear in court on June 16 for court to start hearing his case of incitement to violence and unlawful assembly contrary to the Public Order Management Act of 2013.

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