Jailed city lawyer Male Mabirizi has pleaded with the state attorney to grant him parole, citing harsh conditions in Kitalya prison where he has served for close to 2 months now.

Mabirizi says he has learnt a lot from the 3 months he has so far spent inside prison. He reportedly pledges to be remorseful in case he is allowed to attain bail at this point. He adds that his being a first time offender and a responsible citizen with a noble profession is perhaps substantial enough to make his parole possible.

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The lawyer was sentenced to 18 months by high court judge Hon. Justice Musa Ssekaana on charges of contempt of court. He was on February 21 arrested at Kyambogo University where he was netted by security forces following an arrest warrant issued by court.

The maverick lawyer’s efforts to file for an injunction turned fruitless after the court of appeal declined to consent to his release from prison and stayed the first ruling of the high court.

Court however rescinded the condition of a UGX 300m fine that the embattled lawyer had been tasked to pay in damages for absconding court and placing the person of Ssekaana in disrepute. State prosecution says the embattled lawyer took to his known Facebook account ‘Male. K. Mabirizi’ and made disparaging statements about the high court judge Musa Ssekaana who turned out the juror and the judge. Legal pundits say it was wrong for the complaining judge Musa Ssekaana to preside over the case as this would tantamount to prejudice.

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