Hon. Anita Among who is the incumbent speaker of the eleventh Parliament represents the women of Bukedea District in Eastern Uganda. She is one of the 119,000 females in the district where some 57,000 are of childbearing age. 4,600 (Four thousand six hundred) (8%) of these women are malnourished.

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1,700 (One thousand seven hundred) (3%) of the women are anemic. Of the 10,000 children below 5 years, 2,500 are stunted. One thousand children are severely stunted, and some 4,000 children below the age of 5 have anemia. There are many health problems in this district that she has deliberately failed to solve despite holding a heavy status in the nation’s hierarchy.

One of the problems is that there is not a single referral hospital in Bukedea district where the dollar donating speaker hails from. Yes, the relatives and constituents of our Speaker of Parliament do not have a hospital within their 15-year-old district.
They rely on some clinics and health centers, the biggest of which is Bukedea Health Center IV.

Every so often a medical problem comes up that the health center cannot manage.
The patient and their relatives undertake a difficult 30 km journey to Mbale Hospital, sometimes on BodaBodas.

In May 2017, after several women had died during childbirth for lack of appropriate care, the people of Bukedea raised an alarm: ‘please give us a hospital, so that our mothers and wives do not die on the way to Mbale’, they pleaded.

Up to today Bukedea still has no hospital.

Maybe the UGX 2.5 billion Mercedes Benz that Hon. Among has bought using our taxes will occasionally be used to rescue her starving and anemic constituents.

One billion shillings can build and equip a decent sized hospital for Bukedea, 231, 200 population.
The money we shall spend on servicing and fueling the Mercedes could maintain the hospital. This should not be a difficult choice.

Credit: Anonymous sources

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