The parliamentary cash bonanza has remained a centre of discussion since Ugandans got to know about how lawmakers across all political divides indulged themselves in a heist that would see each of them walk off with UGX 40m. The money which knowledgeable sources revealed to this site to have been a token/handshake started being issued on Saturday.

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MPs from the ruling NRM party were on Friday night on their whatsapp platform notified by the speaker Rt. Hon. Anita Among to pass by her office effective Saturday at 9am to collect the cash. On the other hand, opposition MPs from other parties were directly notified via SMS texts and asked to flank the speaker’s office while when it came to NUP, Among selectively made phone calls to those she knew would fall in the trap. Some staunch NUP loyalists like Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi of Nakawa West and Zaake Francis Butebi of Mityana were not even contacted as Among suspected that they would reject the money and go ahead to notify their party Secretariat.

The Money Heist

By rewarding herself and the Deputy Speaker UGX 3b to procure brand new Mercedes-Benz series vehicles, Among knew she had to tie the lips of MPs and this had to come in form of a handshake. Sources say, this money was a diversionary move aimed at exonerating Among from scrutiny as her own new vehicle became a media and public focal point since its importation.

Among opted to place a phone call to her boss, Museveni urging him to consent to a handshake to silence all MPs of NRM and opposition who were already making public statements about the UGX 193b supplementary budget. She invited some NUP MPs for round table talks at her Nakasero based residence where she took record of them on CCTV cameras as they came to claim their share of the heist.

As of today, June 15, parliament had not issued any statement detailing the source and purpose of the UGX 40m allocated to each of the 529 lawmakers. Our efforts to contact the Parliamentary communications director Chris Obore turned futile as he declined to respond to our repeated phone calls.

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