The Kampala Capital City Authority on Tuesday embarked on a drive in which they sounded their final warning to Boda Boda riders operating along the Kampala city centre streets, urging them to relocate to gazetted areas or else endure that tough side of the law enforcement.

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KCCA officials met with leaders of the Boda Boda riders and told them to rally their colleagues to leave the city streets not later than today, June 15.

“Do not say that we did not warn you to leave. When we come back tomorrow (June 15), it will not be the usual talk,” KCCA officials told the Boda riders who also inquired what arrangements the authorities have for them. “Leaving would not be an issue but where do you want us to go? How will we feed our families and meet our rent obligations?,” the riders asked.

The authorities also threatened to use an iron fist today in evicting defiant street vendors who have not yet left the city streets. “There is no excuse for the vendors. We agreed that they must leave as soon as possible,” said KCCA officials.

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