The head of parliament’s communications department Chris Obore has faulted the National Unity Platform party Secretariat and its leadership for the ongoing media crackdown on the legislative arm of government, following allegations that MPs were indulged in a heist of about UGX 40m for each lawmaker.

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Obore, in a statement issued today says NUP is a party with representatives on the Parliamentary Commission, an organ that decides for the institution on what should be given to the members of the house. He adds that despite all this, NUP has gone ahead to incite the public against parliament, yet it is an institution that represents the people of different political opinions.

He adds that even if the money was issued, it is unfactual that it was given out from the residence of the speaker. He says money allocated to each MP goes through the right channels from the consolidated fund to the individual bank accounts of the MPs. He further invites NUP into pursuing the office of the IGG if they perceive the said money to be illegal. He also faults the media for riding onto the issue without hearing from the side of the institution of Parliament.

Here is the detailed statement from Chris Obore;

In this statement, Obore denies claims that MPs were denied at Among’s home as alleged by NUP in a Tuesday statement

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