The Spokesperson of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces today led media to the alleged ADF camp in Luweero town. Accompanied by the press convened this morning at 10am from the Uganda Media Center, Kulayigye toured the alleged camp where rudimentary weapons like knives, pangas, iron bars, a bastollar with live ammunition and home made explosives were discovered.

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Three suspects related to the camp were arrested and brought inside heavily guarded security drones. The suspects are all Muslim clerics well known to the locals of Luweero. In fact, one of the locals who spoke to the media under anonymity intimated that for the time he had known one of the suspects, nothing suspicious about them had ever surfaced.

“We know these people to be peaceful. None has ever committed any offence,” remarked one of the locals. “These must be state games. How can a camp be near a roadside? Which rebel is that stupid to install a camp on a main road?,” he asked.

Speaking to the presser, Kulayigye said their role as security has been played. “We told you we were going to expose these rebels and their internal camp and we have explored with you the media. It’s now up to you to inform the public what you’ve seen here,” Kulayigye said. “One of the suspects is a former rebel we had given amnesty. He was involved in the CPS bombings last year but we pardoned him when he asked for parole. We are shocked that he has again indulged in rebel activities,” he added.

The camp has since triggered widespread doubts with Ugandans questioning how a rebel camp can of all places be hosted by the roadside other than the deep thickets or forests.

The busy Luweero road adjacent to where the alleged ADF camp was discovered in a joint security operation presided by the UPDF spokesperson Brig. Felix Kulaigye

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