MP Zaake’s March, 10 censure from the parliamentary commission turned out a blessing in disguise for the speaker Rt. Hon. Anita Among and her team of NRM commissioners as evidenced in a series of scandals they’ve championed.

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Ever since the Mityana municipality MP Zaake Francis Butebi who served as the internal auditor of the institution of Parliament was censured from the Commission, a series of controversial bills and finances have been passed by the mainly NRM dominated Commission.

It’s within the 3 months absenture of Zaake that the speaker and her deputy received UGX 3 billions to procure brand new Mercedes-Benz series vehicles, and money for their houses too is yet to be approved, as reiterated by NRM commissioner Akampurira Mbabazi.

Similarly, within this short while without Zaake, all Parliamentary Commissioners have received a mouth watering UGX 400m to purchase brand new vehicles. In this very time, UGX 193 billion was passed as a supplementary budget on which state house took UGX 77 billion while part of the balance would be used by parliament to cater for allowances of MPs.

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In this very period of Zaake’s absence, over UGX 27 billion was stolen by the speaker Anita Among. Part of this money was shared to each of the 529 MPs where each would receive UGX 40m in cash from the office of the speaker for NRM MPs, while opposition lawmakers were asked to find their share at the speaker’s Kololo residence.

Yesterday at one of the political talk shows on TV, the NUP Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro said the censure of Zaake was a deliberate effort by the speaker Anita Among to pave space for the heist she and her NRM team had planned way back. “As we speak, the opposition commissioner Zaake is not party to the commission decisions. This is why we are seeing the NRM commissioners selfishly looting each and every taxpayers money,” he said.

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