Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone again featured in the headlines last night after being arrested over a long time debt he defaulted in the year, 2015 when he had been invited to perform and never showed up yet he had been cashed out. The creditor known as Zaina led a convoy of police vehicles to Chameleone’s hotel room at Sky Hotel in Sandton where he was nabbed preparing for another show. The veteran singer was ambushed out of his hotel room and whisked off by police authorities. He was reportedly detained for the most of the night as he begged to speak to Ugandan embassy authorities in vain.

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A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, says Zaina asked for 80000 rands which is about UGX20 million before she releases him and that she will retain some of the singer’s precious items valued close to the debt.

“We are doing everything to obtain his release,” a person close to the events said in the night adding that Ugandans are collecting money to see that chameleon is released and is able to perform.

By press time as of this Sunday morning, some sources claimed the singer had been released after settling the debt but our efforts to have footage of him performing at the said concert turned fruitless as nobody was ready to share with us. We are yet to ascertain if the musician is indeed out on police bond.

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