The parallel spokesperson of the newly formed NUP faction Gideon Tugume has accused the current party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert with failing to respond to his repeated phone calls and emails. Speaking on a morning political talk show on NBS TV, a frustrated Tugume said Bobi ceased to be their party president after the expiry of the 2 year Memorandum of Understanding they had with the People Power movement.

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“How can we resolve this internally when the man (Kyagulanyi) doesn’t respond. He doesn’t pick up calls or respond to messages and emails,” asked Tugume adding that a committee of 11 people was set up to investigate the circumstances under which Kyagulanyi acquired the National Unity Platform.

“He (Bobi) will soon be summoned soon. In the meantime, Kibalama and Kagombe have been sent on suspension,” says Tugume.

“The problem with the Kamwokya group is arrogance. He only went to visit Kibalama because he wanted photos. Do you know that Kibalama sleeps in a house without windows?,” Tugume reiterated.

He also says all the elected political leaders under the NUP party must report to the Rubaga based offices for proper registration as members.

“We recognize all the elected leaders on the NUP ticket. They loved the party, that’s why they came from different parties, but they didn’t know the issues in the party. That’s why they should come to the headquarters in Kabowa,” he says.

Tugume adds that the NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi has been relieved of his duties and will be summoned to appear before the Disciplinary Committe for declaring the founding members as a bunch of frauds.

“Joel Ssenyonyi will appear before the Disciplinary Committee next week. He has no right to call the holders of the ‘land title’ of party masqueraders,” Tugume said. “Ssenyonyi as a journalist earned shs 600,000 but he now gets over UGX 70m that’s why he’s excited and arrogant,” he added.

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